Self Meditation: Personal Power

Do a self meditation on what personal power means to you in your daily life. Personal power is a natural perception of ourselves as being competent, certain or secure. This isn't quite the same thing as a sense of domination or control over others. Instead, it has to do with the feeling that we can operate our own lives from the driver's seat. When we have a low estimation of our personal power we are less effective in life and tend to feel threatened very easily. One's sense of personal power can be increased through the use of affirmations and visualization.

Some people are so accustomed to feeling powerless in their lives that the first step has to be the definition of personal power. This is best accomplished through visualization and meditation. One must construct an image of what they would be like if they felt in control of their lives. This is real control, not just an obsession over life's details. This type of control is defined by a calm certainty that whatever life holds for them, that they will be fine, and able to handle it. For most people this is accomplished effectively when they have a close sense of connection with the Divine. That's because one can feel protected and secure within this sort of connection, and can then get on with the business of their life without feeling threatened. So, if you have trouble with the visualization of your personal power, work on strengthening your bond with the Source of your being.

Most of us have had a least a taste of this sense of personal power. In this case, the visualization is easier. All that you have to do is to recall that feeling. When you remember what it feels like, construct a present time image of having that same feeling throughout your daily life. Practice your visualization often. Make it a habit. When you feel threatened or insecure, call it up for yourself.

Having an affirmation that you can quote repeatedly to yourself is helpful as well. Here is a sample one: "I know for a fact that I am strong, safe and secure. I am certain of who I am and what I'm capable of. I realize that life is safe for me simply because of who I am."

Practice this self meditation many times each day. Watch your sense of personal power increase as you meditate and visualize what it feels like to be connected to your power center.