Positive Affirmation: I Know The Truth Of Who I Am

A positive attitude quote about yourself can make like so much easier. The Truth of who we are is much closer to the perception we have of ourselves when we're happy, than when we're depressed. This may give you a clue as to where we're heading with this. Depressed, angry, unhappy people have a poor perception of reality. If we project that perception on ourselves, claiming it as Truth, it becomes self-abuse.

Remember who you are when you've felt really good about yourself. Those are the times when your real essence has been shining through. Affirm and claim that feeling for yourself right now. Watch your attitude shift from negative, ambivalent, to positive.

Internally, we often allow our perception to vary wildly. Spill something? Don't call yourself an idiot. That's overreacting and abusive. Look for other examples in life where you might turn on yourself for something inconsequential.

Quoting a truthful statement such as this one will eventually reveal more about yourself and the redirection of your energy will move from reactionary to a more creative form of action and positive thought.