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Positive Affirmation: It's All Good

"Its all good" is a wonderful positive attitude quote and a popular saying among the teenagers and young adults in my area. It can also be a good daily meditation practice. This is a wonderful spiritual truth. If we can assume this as a blanket reality to cover our entire lives, amazing things can happen. This idea is a principle that no matter what is occurring in our lives, a positive outcome must always be the result and it increases the chance of keeping a positive attitude.

This really works. If we hold this idea firmly in mind, no matter the current circumstances may be, a rapid transformation in these events will occur. Frequently, in hindsight we will see that the temporary discomfort we experienced turned out to be a necessary step in our growth, leading us to greatly improved conditions. Part of this principle seems to be that we are accelerating events. We can look back on many apparently negative situations in our past and see that eventually, things worked out for the best. Using this principle, we can bypass the time factor of working our way through that level of misery into the experience of having things work out for the best much sooner.

I suspect that the reason for this is that we are unintentionally prolonging the unhappy experience by dwelling on how bad it feels. Since the Universe conforms to the tendency of our thoughts, it will extend the experience long past the period necessary. Eventually though, we will tire of feeling bad and then the natural evolution of experience can continue.

Let yourself know that whatever is going on, it really is all good. There is goodness in growth, there is goodness in experience and there is goodness in knowing that we needn't be overwhelmed by our own lives. By quoting this statement a positive attitude is really possible.