Self Meditation for Daily Living: Fear and Faith

A wonderful daily meditation that is meant to do your self is to comtemplate the polarity of fear and faith. In metaphysics it is understood that fear is the flip side of faith. When we're fearful or anxious about some aspect of our lives, we are actually asserting faith in a negative outcome. This is what fear is. Worry and tension also fall into this category. We are actively contemplating a negative outcome in that part of our lives. Since metaphysical treatment supposes that material manifestation follows the tendency of our thoughts, we can see that this could be very detrimental.

If our focus is on what can go wrong in life, we can pull that sort of event to us like a magnet. A far healthier solution is to take the same energy that we've been putting into concern and instead utilize it to focus on a positive outcome. It takes a bit of concentration to do this at first, but with practice it becomes much easier. The technique itself is very simple. This is what you do:

Meditate on a topic that has had you concerned. There will be a mental image of what could go wrong in this area. Now you re-create this image. Put the same people, the same general circumstances into the image, but have the situation work out in a beneficial manner. Be creative with it. If nothing else, just have the initial worrying circumstances amount to nothing. Have it turn out that the situation wasn't nearly as dire as it appeared initially. This can be very effective, since this is frequently the product of worry anyway. Get comfortable with this projected future and allow yourself to believe that this is the obvious outcome.

This self meditation for daily life is filled with potential for creating emotional balance and developing a positive outlook on living day by day without fearing the future or holding negative energy from the past.