Self Meditation for Daily Life: Your Divinity

A wonderful daily meditation that you can do yourself is to comtemplate your divinity. There is a great deal more to you than you may realize. In actual fact, you are a spiritual being, imbued with the qualities of your Creator, infinite in nature and destined to fulfill a marvelous potential.

We can forget this fact in the mundane details of daily life, but it needn't be that way. Meditating on the truth of our being is uplifting and turns the dreariness of our days into exciting adventures in consciousness. Try this:

Start playing "Let's pretend" with your daily life. Imagine that you are this magnificent, powerful being, temporarilly inhabiting a human body. You have a special purpose in being here, which is to inform and enlighten yourself and those around you. The essence of your being is filtered through a human personality, with unique likes and dislikes and you possess individual talents which are desperately needed by the rest of the human species.

The current condition of your life has been specially designed by you on an automatic level of consciousness to ensure that the necessary lessons of existence are learned by you and that by example, you can teach others. This special design has the unique imprint of your individuality, and is perfect for your deeper purposes.

Allow yourself to experience this special rightness of your life and your place in it. Open yourself to the possibility that your life exactly as it is, is the best possible design for your future and your highest destiny. Hold onto that thought and watch your life begin to mold itself to a more fulfilling and rewarding experience for you. It occurs very easily when this idea is held in mind. To me, that's a reflection of its reality.

You may find a daily self meditation for living your life by embracing your unique divine nature may give you glimpses of a whole new you that you never knew! Your authenticity may really shine.