Self Meditation for Daily Life: Getting Real

An eye opening daily self meditation is to comtemplate what getting real means to you. A great deal of the stress and tension in life comes from illusory factors. These can come in the forms of worry and fear of exposure. Statisically, an amazing number of people carry the fear that they will be "found out" to be something other than what they show themselves to be. I don't think that this means that all of these people are leading double lives or something of that nature. Instead, this has to do with the image that is presented to the world.

As an example, many well acknowledged, talented or attractive people when interviewed claim that they do not understand why others consider them to be special. I especially refer to beauty queens, singers and actors. They have admitted to "feeling on the edge" of sanity due to this feeling of misleading others. There are many documented examples of this.

Interviewed corporate executives have also voiced this feeling. There can be a gnawing fear of being discovered as less competent, knowledgeable, etc., than what their job requires them to be. Most parents are familiar with this feeling. Having to be the grown-up, all-knowing authority to a small human being can sometimes seem like an enormous responsibility. It may seem that we are bluffing our way through it, perhaps doing our best yet waiting to make that one awful mistake which will lead to ruin.

Being in a position of providing a role model, taking responsibility for others or being answerable to apparently unforgiving others, can be very stressful. What can help is to re-establish our personal authenticity. Sometimes people will unconsciously do this in negative ways simply to get out from under the pressure. They may rebel against this artificial image through "acting out" behaviors which may sabotage their position. We can see examples of this in all areas of life. This effort to become a "real person", "only human", etc., is a reaction against an environmental pressure to be something which no real person can be.

It doesn't have to go that far. When this occurs it means that we have ceased to be ourselves, and instead are attempting to be a symbol. Humanity appears to have a need for its symbols in the form of heros, role models, and gurus and can appear to be very unforgiving if this expectation is unfulfilled. This instinctive reaction on the part of others need not shake the reality of who you actually are. The whole situation is set up due to a lack of information.

A child can accept that Mommy doesn't always know the answers. A board of directors is capable of understanding that advisors are sometimes required or that a vacation is necessary. When we cease to believe that this acceptance is not possible, is the point when we ourselves have begun to think that the symbol of who we are is more important than the Truth. In Hollywood, I believe that's known as buying into your own PR. The image is not greater than the person. When we believe that it is, we are on our way to neurosis.

Self Meditate daily on this to accept and present yourself as an authentic human being. The inherent falseness of the symbol ultimately serves no one by getting real each day though meditating on this concept your present illusions may not bind you in your daily life.