Self Meditation for Daily Life: Serenity

This a fantastic daily meditation. Have you ever seen or known someone who seemed truly serene? What were they like? Usually such a person is calm, unworried and easily faces their future. What makes them this way? Most of us equate the image of serenity with a religious icon of some kind. A statue of the Madonna or a sculpture of Buddha may come to mind. These images are unshakable in their projection of serenity and there is a common denominator between them.

Faith. I'm unfamiliar with any individual or icon which projects serenity that doesn't have as its basis, faith. In our very civilized culture faith isn't terribly chic. One may note however, the strong similarities between a state of serenity and the condition of being "cool". "Coolness" is only a vague shadow of serenity yet this is what is so very admired in our society. I suggest that this is because we have more examples of "cool" than we do of serenity.

Since serenity is the more authenitic version of coolness, I suggest that it may be a more valid goal. So, if serenity is based on faith, what does this consist of? Faith is a belief in the inviolate rightness of the Universe and one's place in it. As we all know, this isn't a popular perspective and our culture tends to undermine it on a regular basis.

This simply means that it takes a conscious effort to deliberately be out of step with popular belief in the matter. Popular belief isn't known for solving individual problems anyway, so is this any great loss? Choosing to believe that one is living in a universe which is benevolent and caring is the basis of serenity.

The next step is to accept that your place in this caring, benevolent universe is secure. Again, this is a choice. Belief is always a matter of choice and arguments against a belief are not something which is enforced. Arguments are also chosen. One may choose to argue the validity of their personal security, but what does this serve? Whereas simple belief has the metaphysical power to enforce its own power through the principles of physics.

As a daily self meditation practice try letting go of arguments against personal serenity. You may be surprised at how many of these may exist, but continuing to release them will only benefit you. Your daily life can be extra ordinary when serenity is welcomed and a positive attitude is developed.