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Daily Affirmation: Let There Be Peace

Motivational thoughts for the day like this remind us the best ways to ensure peace for ourselves is to meditate on peace for everyone. We are interdependent on each other and our willingness to support the peace of others automatically grants it to us as well. I practice this from a number of different perspectives.

It isn't difficult to understand the various conflicts which are occurring in our world. It can help to assume the viewpoint of those involved as if it were your own. If for instance, you were at war with another group due to religious differences, what would you change in yourself to assume a "live and let live" perspective? Perhaps you could decide that we are all children of the Most High in spite of our differing ways of expressing our beliefs. Or you could decide to have compassion for the opposing point of view. As you "pretend" to be one of these people in conflict, let yourself know that in Spirit we are all one, so as you change your mind, they can change theirs as well.

Or you could assume the perspective of one of our angry young people who feel unheard and undervalued. If you were one of them, how could you change your mind about your situation? Could you release your fear of living in a dangerous environment and turn to faith in Divine Protection? Or could you choose to sublimate some of your hostile energy in sports? Let yourself know some of the options available to yourself and again, know that in Spirit we are all one. As one, when we change our minds, so does everyone else. So change it well.

It is far easier to understand the possibilities for peace for another than it is for ourselves. That is why we should do so. As we understand and know peace for others we are able to elevate our own consciousness and potentially find greater peace within ourselves.

Imagine if we all took a moment each day to affirm and embrace this thought, our motivation to create peace could change the world.