Positive Affirmation: I Release All Fear And Know That I'm Always Protected

This positive motivational quote may be one you might wish to use for more than a day! By quoting this positive statement about life it helps create emotional balance.

From a spiritual perspective, fear is absolutely unnecessary. Projecting an atmosphere of safety and protection around you is the most powerful defense you can have. A black-belt martial artist is often known by their air of calm. This is because they know that defense is not an issue.

In our civilized world, physical defense is less of an issue than emotional defense. Many of us are prepared for hurt, rejection, ridicule or abuse even when it isn't necessary. Having faith in the core of Divinity within you truly is the best defense there is.

Quoting this affirmation definitely requires practice. Keep it up (muttering to yourself throughout the day if need be), and you will see a release of tension and anxiety while calm gradually permeates your being giving you a positive attitude about life.