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Affirmation Quote: I Remember the Truth of Who I Am

The Truth of who you are is that you are a Spiritual Being, created from a Spiritual Source. Your being is composed of Light and Love, as is That Which Created You. You are well loved and unconditionally supported to the degree to which you allow it. You have the gift of free will to accept or reject the Source of your Being as you choose, and the degree of your acceptance determines the degree to which you can receive It's gifts. Rejection of the Source of Life is also rejection of Self, since that's where we come from.

Some version of this principle is stated in every religion and philosophy. It seems to be a principle which we understand instinctively. It's well stated that "there are no atheists in foxholes", meaning that in times of intense stress, we automatically turn to our Source for support. When we can turn to our Source with as much freedom as that in moments which aren't so desperate, spiritual progress is being made.

This instinctive understanding is natural to us, an inherent part of the psyche. It isn't something to be learned, but something we can remember. It reinforces our personal identity and causes us to feel more connected with the rest of life. It needn't be legislated and you have the right to perceive it in any way that suits you. A minimal amount of practice in remembering this instinctive trust of your own source is generally all that is required to harmonize the emotions and clarify the perceptions.

By quoting this affirming statement about your divine nature it instills a positive attitude for exploring self realization. Throughout your day, play with this motivational thought and see what you realize about yourself.