Daily Affirmation: All Things In Their Right Time

This affirming quote is a perfect motivational thought for the day as it inspires trust in the moment. Few things contribute to a lack of peace more than our schedules. Many of us are slaves to a clock, even when it isn't necessary. This can make us feel that our lives are out of control, basically because they are. When time dictates our lives excessively, we are not controlling our lives, but instead are allowing a concept to do so. When we're under a great deal of stress, we may turn over this power to the concept of time so that we may have greater order in our lives. This works, up to a point. When time becomes an additional stressor, we must modify this approach.

Releasing tension about time is often easier said than done. The affirmation given above helps, as does letting go of areas of your schedule which aren't truly essential. Of course if we've become habituated to being stressed by time, they may all seem essential, but that really isn't the case. If you're under a strong compulsion to adhere to every inch of your schedule, try getting rebellious and just rearrange it. Have dinner at 8:00 instead of at 7:00.

Consider that life is organic. It flows and moves according to a Higher Plan which you and I may not always be privy to. Perhaps you can't make that appointment. There could be an excellent reason that the Universe is accomodating to keep this from occurring. Perhaps this person could cause you problems. Or you could be at the wrong place at the right time for random violence. Or what has preempted your schedule has a more long term meaning in your life. Assuming that the Universe has your well-being in mind, can make the stress of timing diminish.

Allow yourself to believe that you are part of this organic flow of life, and that you can be right in your sense of timing instinctively, without logically knowing the reason why. Let a Higher Power take control of your time.

Famous Poem:


"People "died" all the time...

Parts of them died when they made the wrong kinds of decisions - decisions against life.

Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around.

If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes;

the fire had gone out...

You always knew when you made a decision against life...

The door clicked and you were safe inside - safe and dead."

-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh