Positive Affirmation Quote: The Hidden Treasures Of Life Are Now Revealed To Me

This positive affirmation quote can act as a motivational thought for the day when you are trying something new. It can help you trust that you are in the right place at the right time no matter how things appear. By using it as an ongoing mantra you will begin to gain more trust in the universe.

Hindsight can be a remarkable tool in life. When we look back on a difficult situation, it's not uncommon that we see that something which appeared awful at the time, actually held the seed of an unsuspected good. Perhaps we learned a valuable lesson which later served us very well, or there was a misunderstanding which when clarified, showed us something far better than we initially believed.

To me, these are the "hidden treasures" of life. In metaphysics, the fundamental assumption is that everything in life is perfect, if only we had the wit to perceive it. The old saying, "If life hands you a lemon, then make lemonade" is an example of this. If we were to assume that every negative situation in life, was actually an opportunity to make something better, imagine what good we could create!

This may be a difficult concept to grasp, given that we are heavily conditioned to believe that so much in life is wrong. But is it really? Or is it that our human assumptions cause us to shut down the hidden opportunities? In my experience this has been the case. A life filled with turmoil can be a training ground for a strong character, a balanced mind and a sane ego. On the other hand if we look at life as a punishment we can create greater misery for ourselves through anger, resistance or a sense of futility.

Metaphysics can enable us, through the power of our mind and attitudes to convert a seemingly hopeless situation into something which can be of great benefit. That can only happen however, if we're willing to concede that life can be better than we're giving it credit for. Perhaps, you will find a positive attitude about each day will greet you when using this affirmative quote.