Daily Affirmation: Self Abuse Has No Place In My Life

It is important to also find daily, positive motivational quotes and affirmations to address physical issues, like abuse... even when self inflicted. Negative thoughts about ourselves break down positive actions no matter how hard we try.

It never fails to astonish me how low-down, dirty, rotten mean we can be to ourselves. For some reason, we can give ourselves permission to treat ourself in a truly despicable fashion, allowing liberties which we would never consider inflicting on anyone else.

"Abuse" has become a well-known term in western civilization over the past couple of decades, with "verbal abuse" somewhat less so. Our inner dialogue can contain verbally abusive statements which we might find horrendous if applied to another. I think we all know what I'm referring to. Labels that we might paste on ourselves such as "stupid", "never do anything right", or "it's just my luck" all convey a message of unworthiness. Any psychologist can tell you that abuse is a habit. It's not my purpose here to go into why this happens, but to indicate that it can be halted.

What do we do if in a fit of temper we say something hateful or demeaning to someone we care for? We apologize. We ask forgiveness. We can do exactly the same thing when we catch ourselves in the act of berating Self. Most of us realize that hateful words to another has no constructive outcome. Why should we expect a positive outcome when applied to ourselves? In my opinion, the best possible outcome of this type of abuse results in a fear of acting and a lack of spontaneity. It certainly does not improve ability, clarity or concentration although we may try to believe that it does. A whipped puppy does not make a better dog. It creates a fearful, trembling creature who may never respond in a desirable fashion. Kind words, rewards and encouragement have a far greater potential for achieving the desired outcome.

Mistakes happen. Mortal life is a training ground and if we got everything right the first time there probably would be no need to be here. Browbeating ourselves for errors won't help us learn, experience will. So apologize to yourself, kiss and make up. Affirm this daily affirmation. A lot of tension will be relieved and mistakes will become less frequent.

Famous Quote:

"The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurements anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me."

--George Bernard Shaw