Affirmation Quote: I Trust Myself

This is a very positive motivational quote. Self-doubt, second-guessing ourselves and self abuse are considered virtues in our culture, particularly for women. As a Virgo, I won't argue against the spiritual necessity for modesty, however this doesn't mean that we have to paralyze ourselves with a lack of confidence.

The conditioning against self-trust is intense. The truth is that we were made in the image and likeness of something incredible and therefore share attributes with it. There is something within us that is absolutely perfect. Trust that something.

When you've lived in an atmosphere of self-doubt all of your life, there really is little to lose in taking the steps to change that. Would you like to lose that eternal repetition of running your decisions over and over? How about letting go of that feeling that everyone but you knows how to deal with life?

Just try this quoting, "I Trust Myself," and see if it doesn't create a more positive attitude. Yes, old conditioning may come up, but try allowing yourself to believe in yourself. It can't hurt.