Positive Affirmation: In My Heart, I'm Always At Home

"Home" in metaphysics, is a feeling, rather than the place where we live. It's a subjective "place" of comfort and relaxation, where we can kick off our shoes and put our feet up. Home is a place of nurturance where, no matter what, people like you just for who you are. It's a space of unconditional love.

There's no effort involved with being "home" in our hearts, only simple acceptance. This is relaxation. This is the feeling of safety, of a "return to the womb" which is healing and restful. There's no harm in feeling comfortable and relaxed, and besides, it's contagious. In practicing this I've been compared to a comfortable old sofa. Not the most attractive image perhaps, but flattering in it's own way.

Allow yourself to experience the true comfort and relaxation that's available from within your own consciousness. Be a sofa.

A positive affirmation when quoted throughout the day as a mantra can transform negative feelings into a positive attitude. When connected to one's Heart Center, unconditional love is present.