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Positive Affirmation: This Too Shall Pass

I love the effectiveness of some of the old sayings such as this positive attitude quote. This one implies a certain equilibrium in life, knowing that change is the only constant. When we are prepared in this way for change in our lives, we can handle it with a good deal more serenity and dignity.

This is a particularly lovely affirmation in times of trouble. So often, when life isn't looking so good, there's a tendency to despair of it ever getting better. 'Taint so. It will get better, it will change and it will grow to be more than it currently is. This is the nature of organic life, and our emotional reactions don't change that. Things will mellow out.

In good times, this affirmation quote helps us to not create a ceiling on expansion. However good life may be, it has the potential to get even better. This is restricted if we have in mind that, "This is as good as it gets". There's no need to grasp greedily to a perfect moment. There are plenty more. This way we are open to extras while our positive attitude carries us to the next moment.