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Positive Affirmation: The Truth Of My Being Is Eternal

In order to practice this quote, there must be a willingness to accept the premise that we are immortal beings. If this isn't right for you, another positive attitude quote may do.

In many years of doing past life regression therapy, I've learned that a long view of time shifts many perspectives. For instance, getting that promotion isn't nearly as important as opening a new level of peace of mind. This is an eternal truth, one that we can fall back on years from now.

You don't need to practice past life therapy to understand that the everyday stresses of life don't count as much as the everyday joys. The joys come from the permanent fixtures of the ideals in your heart, while the stresses come from ego conflicts and taking a shorter view of life. Most of us will still be here 20 years from now. What will you want to remember about this time in your life, then?

This affirmation quote may help instill a positive attitude about life and help in the healing of this life or past life trauma.