Daily Affirmation: My Life is Unfolding Exactly as it Should

This positive quote can be a big leap of faith when we're hurt, confused or discouraged, but these times are when we need this solace most and a positive attitude. It's easy to look back on some of the most trying times in our lives and see how those difficulties contributed to our experience in some way. When we're in the middle of these experiences however, it can take a conscious effort to achieve this perspective.

I've found that putting this bit of effort into understanding that my life is going well, even when it looks like it isn't, brings remarkable results. Clarity and resolution begin to appear almost immediatly.

The easiest way to do this is to assume that there are underlying factors to the situation you're experiencing that you haven't yet realized. It's obvious to me that if we knew all the answers, we wouldn't be putting in study time in "Earth 101". When I open myself to the possibility that there is a hidden good in whatever unpleasant situation I'm currently experiencing, it often reveals itself. Even if I don't get immediate answers, the situation improves.

Try working with this daily affirmation quote to instill a positive attitude for trusting the flow of your life.