Your Free Past Life Reading for Scorpio

Your Astrology sun sign can help you discover past lives effects and how they may present opportunity and challenges in this life. You don't need to take a past life quiz or test to learn some basic information about yourself. Jeri Noble has provided a free past life reading for each of the signs.

Free Past Life Reading for Scorpio

Then: You come from past life experience in which your motives and intentions were constantly questioned. This made it necessary that you be very clear with yourself about your needs, desires and feelings.

Now: Scorpio has learned to question others from having been questioned so frequently themselves. They have learned the power of knowing themselves very deeply and sometimes wish they didn't have that power. But this is their gift. Yes, power can be abused, but if one has it, there is a karmic obligation to discover it's use.

Future: You are moving into a realm of finding something which you can believe in. The cynicism of Scorpio has a point - to find that which can be trusted. This is what you must look for in order to achieve the peace you so desperately desire. Don't give up looking.

Summary of Your Past Life Test: You are learning to seek answers for yourself so that you can learn what is right for you while allowing other people to also be true to themselves. You may know what is right for them, but they -- like you -- are here to discern what is their personal truth. Both can co-exist, but not always together.