"Mystery Of Reincarnation" by J. Allan Danelek

A fascinating new book by the author of Exploring Reincarnation, Mystery of Reincarnation highlights reincarnation throughout history as we know it. From the classic and widely publicized case of Bridey Murphy, the 18th century incarnation of an American housewife brought to surface during a 1952 hypnotic regression, to theories supporting the need for spiritual and physical reincarnation and the arguments for it.

In this book Danelek also makes a concrete case for how regression and past lives affect our lives today, and how previous life experiences "hold over '' in this life to steer us toward Karma and other concepts which seem to hold some truth. The other side of reincarnation demands proof rather than mere belief-can we prove through historical records that the lives we experience while under hypnotic regression where those of people who really existed.

At one time, hypnotic regression into past lives was done more as a parlor trick and for amusement-such was it at the time of the famous Bridey Murphy case, although that day the hypnotist was conducting specific research for which a twenty nine year old house wife volunteered to become part of the experiment. That day started out as an experiment in hypnotic suggestion in order to help the young woman quit smoking. It did not start out as an experiment in to discover past lives whatsoever and all who participated hadn't the slightest interest in the subject. The results opened a door to the subconscious which researchers in the area of paranormal activity still use as a measuring stick today for reincarnation theories today. The most important aspect being that Bridey Murphy was able to give details about her life that could actually be verified-the backbone for proof to the skeptics.

The book takes on physical proof for reincarnation as well as a look at life after life from the skeptic's point of view, including both practical and religious arguments against the phenomena.

Part two, the mechanics of reincarnation, outlines not only why but how we choose to reincarnate, citing Buddhist and other religious teachings, as well as a great section on soul mates-how we meet and follow each other through all of our different lives, and the idea of "old souls," the eyes of children who seem to understand more about their world than a child of that age "should."

This book is a must read for anyone, skeptic or believer, who wants to know more about reincarnation through history and decide for themselves.