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"Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt" by John H. Taylor

If there was one thing the Egyptians knew about, other than architecture, it was how to take care of their dead. Most ancient people thought that their world was the beginning and end of the universe, with death just another journey, and ancient Egyptian after life was no exception. The west side of the Nile River held the entrance to the after life, and the preparation of the Egyptian dead reflected a reverence for the journey and destination.

In Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, John Taylor explores all aspects of Egyptian afterlife, including preparation from mummification of people and their animals-the sacred cat-the different coffins used, (they all weren't the famous sarcophagus found to hold King Tut) and the magic rituals preformed before sending loved ones on their final journey of this life.

You will learn about the new research and developments around these burial practices, secrets hidden until just recently as to the rituals preformed at the end of life, during the mummification process, and the final sealing of the numerous catacombs which served as final resting places for mortal remains. Brilliant pictures using new technology allow you to see through the mummy's wrappings and into the secret life of the dead. Find out what chemicals were used to drain the body of blood and inject embalming fluid, and startling revelations regarding what the fluid was made of.

Whether you've recently become interested in ancient Egyptian afterlife and the burial practices surrounding it, or have been a fan of mummies for awhile, each chapter explores a different aspect. Chapter one is an overview of ancient Egypt and the society's beliefs in death and resurrection, chapter two is all about the mummification process. Ever wonder why the Egyptians were buried with their favorite servants? Read chapter four. It was considered an honor to be sacrificed in order to be buried with one's lord of the house. Learn all about how and why the tombs were constructed, and the difference between a sarcophagi and a coffin. The ancient Egyptian afterlife held a special place for magickal pets, and the last chapter is entirely devoted to the burial and mummification of the felines who went with their dead on the journey across the river.