A Major Teen Parenting Topic Includes Discussions About Money

A major teen parenting topic is money. Recent surveys wherein teenagers relayed that they felt secure about their ability to handle finances, much of it was attributed to their role models. Those individuals taught them to manage their money and create financial goals. About a third of these role models had owned their own business or worked within a financial institution.

I tell you this because the average person-let alone the average parent has trouble managing their own money, let alone teaching their kids the proper way to do it. If you are in that class, don't let your difficulties stop you from trying or talking about it as long as you don't make your child feel responsible to take on the responsiblity before their time. Effective parenting skills do include sharing some of the household's financial items of business with your kids, such as saving, budgeting, and bill paying deadlines. Maybe they'll even help you do the math. I think it's the silence that breeds ignorance; I know it did with me. My parents never discussed the family finances out loud, and as an indirect result (because we are of our own making) I never learned the importance of saving.

Society has the wrong attitude about money in the first place. We are bombarded with quick schemes to make it, spend it, and make more. We are so driven by the attitude that the amount of money we have is a determining factor of whether we are thought of as successful or not. These are topics you can discuss with your kids to help them develop important values. While I don't agree with the over-rated importance of wealth, I do believe that it's nice to be able to pay your bills and have money left over for fun, while also putting something into savings to provide future security. Just imagine if your teen begins a savings account now, what this will mean to them years down the road. It is a major teen parenting topic-one which most of us are equipped to handle.