Facts About Single Parenting - Becoming Your Child's Role Model

One of the great facts of single parenting is that for the most part, you are the role model for your child. Single parenting is an incredible struggle, financially, emotionally, and physically. It is so easy to get caught up in making ends meet that sometimes we don't know who our child's role models are.

All too often it is an athlete or another celebrity. This can be good, or it can be devastating to find out that your child is emulating someone who has no respect for authority, gets arrested, or teaches derogatory messages about the opposite sex. These are not the effects of single parenting-they are the effects of how children can be influenced by the media and the messages that are blasted over the airwaves.

You can get your kids interested in other people as role models. The big brothers, big sisters program matches children up with real people in your community who are willing to take the time to mentor kids. You can also research other important people in history and help your child learn and become interested in what they had to teach the world. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, or anyone who has fought to make a difference in your child's future could be an excellent role model. Other articles about parenting will tell you the same thing and also suggest other influential people who have made a positive difference for humanity.

But ultimately you are the role model. Teach your children respect by allowing them to watch you respect others. Teach your children discipline by allowing them responsibilities. Teach them never to give up-and teach them faith. They see what you do, more so than they hear what you say. So stay strong, and know the facts of single parenting are on your side. Children are just as likely to grow up strong in a single parent household as they are in a two parent household-don't let anyone tell you different, because it's about quality, not quantity.