When Nothing Seems to Work - Help Kids Identify Their Motivation

You have probably already read the best way to define motivation for your teenager is by example. But what if you have been being a great example all over the place and your kid still won't put their foot forward? There are some steps you can take to first re-evaluate the situation, and then there are some choices for you to make.

First examine your expectations and see if maybe they are too high. Here's some teen parenting advice- It could be that your child is rebelling against an ideal that you have for them that doesn't go along with anything that they want to do. This is entirely possible, because many times parents have way different expectations for their children than either is realistic or-more importantly-what the child wants.

Perhaps you've seen the television series called "Made." It's about teenagers who want more than anything to be a dancer, a rapper, or something that for whatever reason, they aren't motivated to do on their own. The program provides everything from voice coaches to confidence coaches and encourages these teens to meet and exceed their own expectations of themselves. It's a very powerful motivator just to watch, better than an active parenting workshop to see what makes teens tick.

I told you that to tell you this: ask your kids what it is that they want to achieve more than anything in their lives right now. Not what their plans for the future are but what they would do if they could do anything right now-and then do your very best to help them meet that goal. They've designed it themselves, and achieving that goal with motivation is just the beginning to realizing that they can do anything that they are motivated to do. What a great way to define motivation for your child.


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