Chores for Kids - Defining Motivation and Responsibility

Kids like having their own money, and they enjoy earning it themselves-especially while they are still young enough to think that work is fun. When you support them in earning their own money they develop values that will help them become successful in life.

The following are some benefits that will happen as a result of you defining responsibility and how it includes learning how to earn a means to provide for themselves. By allowing your kids to earn their own money, whether it is by mowing lawns on the weekends or allowance as payment for doing chores, helping out around the house. There are many chores for kids that empower them to learn skills.

  1. They will learn time management as a result of having a specific amount of time to complete tasks.
  2. They will also learn the definition of motivation.
  3. They will be more likely to save money if they have earned it themselves (well, some adults don't even do that, but you get the idea…)
  4. Hopefully they will learn that there is pride in a job well done.
  5. Perhaps a part time or after school job will help them decide on a direction for later in life; although this is not entirely necessary if the child is under fifteen. They should be earning extra money and focusing on school at that age.

These ideas are all geared toward defining responsibility for both your child's attitude for work and the way that they view money. Finding chores for children that give them motivation, and balance of responsibility, and help them feel like a contributing member of the family is a very positive step in their development.


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