Drug Prevention Posters Are Not Enough When Teaching Your Kids the Fact's of Drug Addiciton

Parents, schools, and the media have the responsibility to send a message to your kids that drugs can kill them. Drug prevention posters line the counseling offices of every middle school in the country. Elementary school children seem to get the message, but most experimental drug use starts in the secondary years-grades 8-12.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, elementary school age children appear to not have an internal conflict about peer pressure-it just doesn't happen the way it does in middle school. They are less likely to experiment with drugs and the drugs are not as readily available-unless this is what they are seeing at home.

Permissive parenting isn't just about allowing your children to get away with too much; it is also about what you teach the kids by your actions. If your young kids see you smoking pot or drinking, that is also teaches the kids that even though the school and media tell them not to use drugs, if mom and dad are doing it, it must be right. Elementary school children still believe in the loyalty that tells them their parents don't make mistakes.

Parenting adolescents is hard enough, but if you do not teach your young children by example, all of the drug prevention posters and guidance counselors in the world can't help you. The truth about experimenting with drugs should start at home, so pay attention to what you are teaching your children-they are learning from you whether you are noticing it or not.


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