Effects of Single Parenting - Life After the Divorce

So all of a sudden you are a single parent. Maybe you divorced amicably and the absent parent is available and able to spend time with the kids often, pay child support, and continue to be an influence in their lives. Even if this is the case, you are still a single parent, and the change can be overwhelming at first. The media and newspapers would have you believe that the effects of single parenting are detrimental to children, but this doesn't have to be the case.

It's going to take time to settle into a new routine. Having a sense of humor during this time might be agonizing to try to pull off at first, but it will help-really. Keep it light as often as you can and have a support group that you are active in. the group could consist of friends and family, or a more structured group as provided by counseling agencies for parents and children of newly divorced families. (Active parenting workshops for both adults and children are available through your community center.)

You're going to have to establish a balance so as not to become a permissive parent or one that is too strict. You will get through this. A year from now everything will be different. Embrace your new life with your children and learn to see the gift in everything, it feeds hope to do so, and hope can see you through the troubling weeks ahead. When someone brings up the effects of single parenting, you can know that you are one of the positive statistics.