Child Development Milestones - Fear and Change

As the saying goes, the only thing constant is change. It is one of the factors that affect child development-the ability to adjust to life's changes as they are presented, and how you teach your child to adjust to change can make the difference between a well adjusted adult and years of therapy.

You can start by teaching your children not to fear change but see it as an opportunity to learn about making choices. You can also share with them the importance of having hope and faith. You can point to your religion, spirituality, or psychology, as long as they have a context to understand. Hope and faith are one of the greatest gifts you can leave your children with, to watch them express hope is a child development milestone of the emotional kind; it will carry them through some of their darkest days as adults if they have been practicing having faith, learning to trust in themselves, and having hope in the future. All of their lives will be brighter, and they in turn can pass this gift onto others.

You can help them develop an attitude of acceptance and tolerance, as these two principles make dealing with change so much easier. Teach them that life happens. That both positive and negative things occur in your life and how well you accept them and move on or fight to change an injustice is part of what makes up who you are.

Now this last part is pretty important. At no time do I want to come across as advocating that you teach your children to just accept everything that happens in their world. Fighting for a change which ends oppression or ignorance is -if nothing else-character building. If you want to see the factors that affect child development in action, teach your children not to fear change, but to embrace it. Change supplies them with an opportunity to learn, grow, and to be prepared for life's mysteries.


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