Keeping Infants Safe - Preventing High Chair Accidents

Over the last two decades, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has set the standards for every type of child paraphernalia you could want, including car seats and high chairs. Car seats have come a long way. When those of from the baby boomer generation were born, we didn't even have them. No one thought that letting your child climb around the back of the car was one of the examples of bad parenting. Nowadays the highchair is no longer the metal edged potential death trap that it once was, either.

Here are some tips geared toward both child development and nutrition to help ensure your child's safety while they are at the age where they need to use a highchair:

  1. Choose a high chair that has a sturdy and has a wide base. This will prevent the highchair from tipping over if accidentally bumped.
  2. If your high chair is a fold away, make sure the locking device is in place before each use, and clean the mechanisms after every meal to prevent sticking and a build up of germs.
  3. Always use the safety strap even if the child is having a quick snack. Children can move very quickly and turning your back for even a second when they are not strapped in can lead to accidents.
  4. Make sure you feed your child small bites of food, so they will not choke. And keep an eye on them while they are eating. Oh, and remember when it is time to take the child out of the highchair to release the strap. Trying to drag a child out of a highchair without releasing the strapped is pretty scary.
  5. If you are going to place the chair next to a kitchen table, do not leave the child unattended, another example of bad parenting; they might be able to push with enough force-usually with their feet-to tip themselves sideways, even with the most stable high chair on the market.

You can find many affordable and high quality high chairs for infants and toddlers on the market in most any price range. The most important point as previously mentioned is the chairs sturdiness. Next is the ease for placing the child into the chair, securely connecting the tray and safety strap, and ability to keep the kid's high chair clean from debris.