Tips on Building Your Kid's Self Esteem

Children can be cruel at any age, but it seems to be worse during the pre-teen years. If you are wondering how to achieve high self esteem with your child, you're not the first parent to wonder how to give your child the confidence to feel good about themselves despite peer influences.

Building teen self esteem starts when they are little. The results are a well adjusted child who can assume responsibility, act independently, take pride in their accomplishments and handle stress. They are not afraid to attempt new tasks and feel confident about their abilities to offer assistance to others.

You can help increase your child's self esteem by telling them when they have done something well and being able to praise them often-when it is sincere. Children can tell when you are being less than honest with them, and patronizing them will only hurt in the long run, so be open, be fair, and tell the truth.

You can also help your child develop positive self talk. When they are negative and say things like "I am so stupid," you need to be able to turn that around. "You are very smart, you just need to think it all the way through next time," is a much better form of self talk.

Avoid ridiculing or shaming your child. You might not think before you speak every time, and parents do make mistakes. You need to be able to come clean and let your child know that you made a mistake-which everyone does sometimes.

Self esteem games for kids can help, too. When your child has made a good decision, let him know. There are actual board games and learning games available as well. Take advantage of these when they are young and use them as positive reinforcement as your child grows from a healthy child to a confident teen. Positive discipline is also important for your child to learn. Accepting the responsibility for their actions and learning to tell the truth develops high self esteem because children will begin to understand how much better it feels to tell the truth, and not to get into trouble in the first place.

Hopefully this short article has got you thinking about how to achieve high self esteem with your child. There are many more tips and suggestions online.


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