Vancouver Career College - Abbotsford, British Columbia

Attending a Canada practical nursing school can lead you to on the pathway to a bright, lucrative career in the in-demand field of healthcare.

Vancouver Career College in Abbotsford, British Columbia can provide you a balanced, comprehensive education and quickly prepare you to work in one of the many exciting places in need of trained professionals. These include hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, schools, prisons, and many other places that require healthcare services.

This BC nursing program will provide you with a balance of classroom studies and hands-on clinical practice so that you will enter your career with confidence and assurance that you have all the skills needed to effectively and safely care for patients. You will become fully prepared to sit for the board exams and obtain your license to practice. You will also have job placement assistance to help you locate just the right employment for you upon graduation.

As one of the finest Canada nursing programs, you'll find that you will learn not only the techniques used to treat patients, provide services and dispense medication and maintain records, but you will learn how to effectively relate to your patients through the human relationships training you will receive.

To learn all the details about this Canada practical nursing school program, financial aid and student services as well as day and evening class schedule, simply contact the school directly by clicking the provided link. You can also find the school campus located at: 2702 Ware Street Abbotsford, BC V2S 5E6.

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