Kaplan University in Omaha, Nebraska

Choosing the right Nebraska practical nursing school from which to earn your diploma can be one of the toughest yet most important decisions of your life.

You want to choose a school that is convenient, accredited, well-respected, and one that will prepare you to easily pass the national board exams.

You'll be happy to learn that Kaplan University in Omaha can provide you with the comprehensive education you require and a full spectrum of student services as well. You'll be assisted with career information, financial aid if needed and job placement services after graduation. Located on North 90th Street in Omaha, you'll find the location an easy commute from anywhere in the Omaha metro area.

After reviewing the certified nursing programs from several colleges, you probably are confused and frustrated. Why should you choose Kaplan University for your nurse training? The comprehensive education provided by this fine school allows you to complete your studies and be prepared to enter the world of nursing care in only fifty weeks. You'll earn ninety-two hours of credit to obtain your diploma and have all the skills to become a successful care provider. You'll learn the technical skills, personal skills and ethics necessary to make a real difference in the lives of those patients you assist.

The Nebraska vocational nursing classes provided by this great college will prepare you to work closely with physicians and registered nurses. You'll gain personal and financial satisfaction as you help patients recover from illness, surgery, accident or other infirmities.

To learn all the details about this Nebraska practical nursing school, simply contact the school directly through their online request form. You will promptly hear back from a school representative offering you complimentary information to answer your important questions.

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