Kaplan University in Lincoln, Nebraska

Do you want to attend one of the oldest and most respected Nebraska nursing schools?

Then you will happy to learn about Kaplan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Founded in 1884, this independent, private two-year college provides the high quality of education needed to enter the professional world of health care and become a success. You'll enjoy the sense of community that this Midwestern location for practical nursing courses provides.

You will find the university campus located at: 1821 K St., Lincoln, NE 68508

Choosing from the nursing programs in Nebraska is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. To ensure a balanced education, Kaplan provides small class sizes to ensure individual attention is provided to each student. You'll learn hands-on techniques to provide you with the skills and self-confidence you'll need to practice this healing art upon graduation. Upon completion of your studies, you'll be fully prepared to excel when you sit for the national board exams and obtain your license to practice your practical skills.

The vocational nursing courses at Kaplan will ensure you are prepared to work closely with doctors and registered nurses to provide direct care to the ill and infirm. You'll learn to properly dispense medication, provide therapies and procedures per doctor's orders, and maintain patient records and much more. You'll know all about the ethical aspects of patient-nurse relationships as well.

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