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Kaplan University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Attending one of the Iowa vocational nursing schools can open the door for you to a bright future in the health care field.

Kaplan University in Cedar Rapids is one of the nursing schools you will be delighted to learn more about.

At Kaplan University, you'll be provided a balanced and comprehensive education. You'll learn all the patient care skills required to become successful. This practical nursing program in Iowa is well respected, accredited and will prepare you to sit for the national board exams and obtain your license to practice after completing your studies.

The practical vocational nurse training offered by Kaplan is only the beginning. Once you obtain your license, you'll work closely with physicians and registered nurses to provide treatments based on doctor's orders, dispense medication and help patients progress in their recovery process. You'll find employment in hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing care facilities, rehabilitation facilities and in the state and county provided health departments. There is always a need for well-trained, dedicated nurses. Each work day, you'll be happy to know that you have made a positive impact on the lives of each and every patient for whom you provided much needed care.

Of the Iowa vocational nursing schools, you'll find this nursing college provides a full range of services, including financial aid to those who qualify, career counseling and job placement services for graduates. To learn all the details, simply request complimentary, no-obligation information.

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