Kaplan University in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Would you like to obtain an Iowa nursing education? This decision could provide you with an exciting, satisfying career.

Kaplan University in Cedar Falls, Iowa may be exactly the right educational institution for you. You'll find the campus location at 7009 Nordic Drive convenient for your commute to classes.

This vocational nursing college in Iowa will provide you with a balanced, comprehensive education and all the knowledge and skills your need to excel when you sit for the national board exams to obtain your license to practice. Upon graduation, you'll be fully prepared to provide your patients with the care they need. You'll provide direct patient care, dispense medication as directed, maintain patient records and provide treatments and procedures. You'll work hand in hand with physicians and registered nurses to help your patients feel better and recover from illness or infirmity as quickly as possible.

After completing your studies at this Iowa practical nursing school, you'll find employment opportunities in hospitals, doctors' offices, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, private homes and many other places. There is always a need for well-trained, caring practitioners of the nurse's art of healing and patient care. You'll experience both personal and financial satisfaction and each workday you will know you have made a positive impact on the lives of those patients whose care you provide.

To learn all about how to obtain an Iowa nursing education and the opportunities available to trained professionals after graduation, you simply need to contact the school through their convenient online info form, and request complimentary, no-obligation details.

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