Minnesota School of Business – Blaine, Minnesota

Are you looking for Minnesota massage therapy schools that are located in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota? Then you will want to know about Minnesota School of Business with several campuses throughout the state, including the city of Blaine.

The Blain college campus is 16 miles north of the metro area of Minneapolis. From I-35 you want to exist onto Lexington Avenue and continue north till you come to Pheasant Ridge Drive. Now take a left hand turn onto Pheasant Ridge Drive until you come to the campus located at 3680 Pheasant Ridge Drive Northeast. You’ll find the Blaine’s Minnesota School of Business, a three story college building in a natural setting rich with wildlife.

CorporationThis MN massage school campus is an inviting atmosphere where students can also relax while learning the art and science of massage as they work to become a natural healthcare professional.

A full range of student services are also offered including job placement assistance after graduation. Financial aid representatives can inform you of potential financial solutions for which you can apply if you meet certain qualifications.

You can learn more about this Minnesota massage therapy school by contacting Minnesota School of Business in Blaine. Simply click the following link, and enter your information to receive answers to your many questions.

To learn more, click > Blaine Campus, Minnesota School of Business


Massage Training Tip: Keep It Clean: Whether you practice your profession in a business you own or in a clinic, gym, spa, or other location, it is the massage therapist’s duty to keep their work area clean and attractive. Before you start the day, place fresh linen on your massage table, check that there are plenty of clean, soft, fluffy towels available, place your massage table pillow in a clean pillow case, and make certain the changing room and restroom are clean and appealing. Wipe down bottles of massage oil so that they are clean. Make sure floors are spotless. Always wear a clean smock or clean scrubs and keep an extra change of clothing on hand in case you happen to stain your clothing. Each client deserves to find you and your therapy area in perfect, spotless, neat condition.

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