The Metaphysical Use of Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. Meditation can occur as imagery, as prayer or as chanting. These are all valid techniques to heighten our awareness of a higher plane of existence. Meditation quiets the mind, allowing the freedom to perceive other levels of reality. Some types of meditation have no further purpose than this, to quiet the mind. This is very therapeutic and there are several techniques to achieve this. Other forms of meditation have further uses. Prayer is designed to achieve communion with the Divine. Visualization broadens the capabilities of the mind to achieve outward manifestations of what one is visualizing. Mantra meditations “implant” a word or term which triggers a contemplative state. Repeating affirmations is a “mantra” type of meditation.

Every form of meditation has a metaphysical purpose and use.

Quieting the mind is essential in metaphysical work and is often the first step. Since the idea is to focus the trend of our thoughts, we must be free of distracting and potentially negative thoughts. Achieving a meditative or contemplative state of mind, enables this.

Visualization in meditation is a necessary element in metaphysical treatment. In order to manifest your desires, a mental image of their fulfillment must be present in your mind. Obviously if you’re distracted or your thoughts are jumping around, it will be difficult to maintain this image. Other traditions may encourage one to use a religious icon as a visual image. Both approaches are effective.

Prayer is synonomous with metaphysical treatment, though implemented in a distinctive way. Communion with a Higher Power provides the metaphysical “juice” to achieve outward manifestation of our goals. The communion with this Higher Power must be intimate enough to experience a sense of oneness with it. From that vantage point one visualizes their goal or desire. When the treatment is completed, it is surrendered to the Higher Power for execution.

Elevating one’s Spirit is an essential aspect of metaphysical meditation and treatment. One may perform a metaphysical treatment for their own soul growth or to heal the wounded soul of another. The most effective treatments include the concept that in the process of receiving one’s own desires, everyone involved also benefits.

Daily meditation is recommended for anyone on a spiritual path. It’s benefits are many, providing a sense of peace and harmony to life.

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