Relaxation Techniques: Meditation Focusing on Prana and Purification

By Jeri Noble

A classic relaxation technique for meditation is to simply pay attention to your breathing as you sit there quietly with your eyes closed. This can be one of the most relaxing meditation methods you will find.

Prana is a Sanskrit word for breath or Spirit or even life energy. If you think about it, the breath is the one essential ingredient of survival without which we couldn't last more than a few minutes. Thus, we may consider it a clear reflection of our Infinite Source on the physical plane.

When focusing on the breath during meditation it can be helpful to consider that each inhale is the drawing in of Spirit or life energy, and each exhale is the release of any negativity or toxic emotions.

Deep, rhythmic, purifying breaths are an excellent way to begin. Don't get crazy with it and hyperventilate, but instead, relax. You're only breathing. You've been doing it all your life.

If you live in a city or other area with less than perfect air quality, you may wish to consider using tools like ionic air purifiers to to help clean your environment.

There are specialized yogas, spiritual belief systems and healing techniques based on breathing. Although I haven't explored all of of them, I've seen remarkable results from several.

Practice meditative breathing as a relaxation technique. Then, you may wish to explore other practices involving the breath later on.