Self Meditation: Meditating on Manifestation

What follows is a self meditation method to aid you in manifesting your heart's desire and for manifesting prosperity.

Settle into a relaxed position, in a quiet place without distractions. Dim the lights and relax your eyes, close them or just allow them to unfocus.

Breathe. I especially like the kind of breathing we do when we finally finished a hard job...whoosh! Or a deep, asthmatic, Irish sigh, the kind that says the world has tried your patience sorely, but you're a wonderful martyr about it anyway (I can say that since I'm Irish). The important thing in either case is to fully exhale everything that's stored up in those lungs - let it *all* out. Do this until you're feeling nicely smug and self-satisfied.

Let yourself drift. There's no hurry, no rush, just ambling along in consciousness, feeling rather pleased with yourself. Whenever you're ready, choose a favorite destination. This needs to be a good daydreaming spot. Perhaps it's your very own South Seas island, or a mountain meadow. Or it could be a lush garden. It may be your dream house. Let yourself be there, wherever it may be.

Bring to mind your heart's desire. This is the one thing that you want more than anything else. It can't be what you think you're supposed to want, but what you yourself would really love to be, have or do in this life.

Experience it. There, in your favorite place, imagine that it is already in your experience, right now. You have your perfect peace of mind, million dollars, outstanding body, soulmate, or whatever it might be for you. Right here, right now, you're living it. Its already happened and is part of your life forevermore. Feel what it feels like. Adjust your attitude to this being life as it is now, having this experience always there for you. Wrap yourself around it, and know that it was inevitable that you would have this phenomenon in your life. Here it is now and you can sense how right it is. Engage all of your senses. When you touch, now having your heart's desire, what does it feel like? Does the world smell different? Is there a taste in your mouth? What are you hearing now that your life has changed in this way?

After you've spent some time in this meditative state, allow yourself to come back. This self meditation method can be practiced frequently.