Relaxation Techniques: Meditation for Non-Judgement

Through meditation, we can learn to relax on a number of different levels. As we sit or lie there quietly, allowing the mind to empty, there are certain mental habits and expectations which will settle down. One of these is the habit of judging which when discharged becomes an awesome relaxation technique.

Most of us tend to make judgements on much of what we encounter in life. This or that is good, bad, right, wrong, pretty, ugly, conservative, liberal, etc. Many of these judgements are about the Self.

We will often keep a running inner monologue of the quality of our lives, behavior, looks, relationships, work, parenting, just about anything you can imagine. Perhaps we measure up at the moment, or maybe we don't. Either way, this action of judgement is work. We may not notice what an effort it is until we let go of it for a moment or two, but it is. This can be seen in meditation.

As we begin to quiet down the inner chatter, at some point the "judgement machine" will shut down as well. This can be a startling experience. A freeing one. This is when we can see how much energy is expended in this constant evaluation process. And what a waste of energy it is, too. Talk about relaxation as the energy it takes to hold judgment is dispelled.

Try this experiment. The next time you work with a meditation method, focus only on releasing judgement. Find a judgement and let it go. It can be about you or someone else and see how it feels to turn that noise off for awhile. Discover the deep relaxation that can come through the meditation by not harrassing yourself or your world for a bit.