A Free Meditation: Spark of Creation

A free Meditation By Sandy Lee Jones

Bring your focus within. Let yourself focus with the third eye, to the space above your eyes in the middle of your forehead. Awaken your third eye right now.

White light falls gently above you like glitter sprinkled on a child's fairy wings. Feel the magic of it touching your being and blessing you with every sparkle.

You look above you, fascinated with the sparkles. You notice the sun is behind you shining so bright. It catches these sparkles and every now and again these sparkles change from white to golden light.

You feel lighter and lighter as streams of sparkles shower you.

The sunlight warms your back and travels up and down your spine, expressing love as it moves. The energy makes you feel safe and supported and loved.

From your belly button, you see a golden thread of light.

You gently touch it and lightly tug on it.

As you do so you are flying fast to the destination of your tiny body in the womb, seeing flashes of loving memories you've had so far, as you travel to this space.

You have arrived! Feel your being radiating with love!

So strong is the love it overwhelms. You can see it touching everyone who surrounds your parents.

Feel the connection between you and your new parents. If there is anything you feel uncomfortable with in this moment, and you're ready, let it go in this instant.

Around you, you see the family tree into which you are born. See either side of your parents and feel the qualities you've brought forth from both these families. And the merging that has now become you. Your expression of creation, unique and unlike any other person in your family, or anywhere, for that matter!

With the love that you feel in you and all around you, send it down the line to the family tree from which you have come.

Send it up the line to the future family you are apart of and the family that comes from you.

Send it upwards into spirit to where you came from before you created this new expression.

Send it all around to the earth to the trees. To the ocean. To the animals. To the stars. To the universe. To all the expressions of creation that exist.

And downwards sending it to all the people you will meet in your life. All the experiences you will create in your life. All the learnings you will uncover!

And as you do this, spirals of love come from you. Love ever abundant and overflowing.

The golden light flashes again at your belly button and you join with your mother and travel through the birth experience, with love and absolutely no pain for you or your mother. Seeing that intimate connection and noticing how magical it feels sharing in this moment.

And then...

You are born! There are a million angels applauding and fairies squealing with excitement!

Hold this vision this moment.

Feel it from within, that feeling coming into the world. Feel yourself being held by angels and by your mother and father or whoever was around at your birth. Hold the love. Hold the joy.

When you are ready, touch the golden cord of light and slowly take yourself back to the present, holding a loving remembering of your birth experience, a deep respect for your mother, and a vision for the future. A remembrance that supports 100% the magic that is you!

You are a divine spark of creation!

Sandy Lee Jones lives in Sydney, Australia with her son, Michael. She enjoys going for walks, meeting with close friends, and loves every moment of being a mother. She loves to write and share her inspirational self meditations as she feels it helps others and herself to remember the magic within.