Breathe: A Free Self Meditation for Increasing Breath Awareness

A Free Meditation By Sandy Lee Jones

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in…and let it out. As you continue to breath in and out...two...three times, let your breath take you to a state of complete relaxation; to a peaceful place where all is calm and you feel at ease.

There is a silent yet sweet feeling where you are. You're sitting on the grass, a very soft grass. There is a wind that is making a whistling sound above you.

The sun is shining but the cover of trees all around you shows you only glimpses of the light in between the leaves. You put your fingers up to the light and watch the light dance about on them as you wiggle them.

As you feel the warmth on your fingers it starts to warm up your whole hand, and the warmth travels up your arm.

You put your hands together and the sunlight travels to the other arm and continues traveling up your body to both your shoulders, to your neck, your head and down your back at the same time. The warmth is very soothing and helps your body to feel even more relaxed. You watch and feel within, the light traveling down your legs to your toes.

Your body is feeling illuminated and glowing with a magnificent golden light.

Treasure the magical feeling of your essence as you bathe in this golden light.

Let it communicate with you and offer words of advice for you on your journey at this time. They may be silent words that you can feel or see or maybe they are whispers.

You are a gift unto yourself and allowing your essence speak to you, guide you, and help you to continue to flow on the journey that your soul intended.

Let it be and make a promise to step out of the way of yourself if there are any things that you are keeping to halt your own process.

Breathe deeply again...and let this image into your heart to remind you that you are the greatest guide in your life.

Sandy Lee Jones lives in Sydney, Australia with her son, Michael. She enjoys going for walks, meeting with close friends, and loves every moment of being a mother. She loves to write and share her inspirational meditations as she feels it helps others and herself to remember the magic within.