Mindset for Meditation - Insight Meditation: A Step-By-Step Course on How to Meditate

If you've always wondered if you had the mindset for meditation, or wanted to learn how to meditate properly, but thought you wouldn't be able to sit still or concentrate long enough, "Insight Meditation: A Step-By Step Course on How to Meditate" by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein is one of the very best books that you can get on the subject.

This 124 page guide delivers on the promise of step by step. With two spoken word CD's, (70 minutes each) Sharon Salzberg takes you through the process of getting ready for meditation with relaxation and breathing exercises, the two basics that the better you have down, the more fulfilling your meditation sessions will be. You may not reach the enlightenment of monks, but you will learn how to avoid getting too stressed out at your work if you keep up with this delightful practice.

The twelve insight cards for study are a unique addition to the boxed set. These are daily reminder and inspirational cards that remind you how to breathe, relax, and put into practice what you will be learning during your meditation sessions. Along with the techniques, how to meditate will no longer be one of those mystical experiences that previously seemed just out of your reach.

You will also learn relaxation techniques. Meditation-fulfilling meditation-begins with learning how to relax completely. The more relaxed you are the more positive the experience and session will be for you. Once you have become familiar with the proper way to breath with your entire body, the more relaxed you will become automatically during your day. Gradually you will begin to notice that the day to day stressors that once had you don't bother you so much, and your family will begin to notice a much calmer you, too.

Along with nine lessons and a workbook, this is one of the most comprehensive methods of learning to meditate. You will have your choice of 75 exercises-something for everyone- as well as a question and answer section in the book and full photographs that demonstrate the correct posture for meditating. The study guide along with the soothing voice of Salzberg lends itself to success in learning how to meditate because you will look forward to your next session. It is also a great idea giving couples something they can do together. If you have the determination to relax and better your thinking, then you have the mindset for meditation.