National Polytechnic College - Montebello, California

Massage therapy training is waiting for you at this massage school in Southern California: National Polytechnic College located in Montebello, California.

If you are seeking a massage school in LA County and live in eastern Los Angelas then you may want to check out the massage training program at National Polytechnic. The school is located at 2465 Whittier Blvd, Suite 201, Montebello, CA

Oncde you complete your training you will be fully prepared to excel when taking the National Certification exam so that you can begin a career in one of the exciting workplaces seeking professional therapists. Nowadays there are many options from spas and resorts to physical fitness facilities where you can apply the combined skills you acheive during your education.

You'll enter the workplace prepared to help your clients feel better, experience less pain, heal more quickly and naturally, and avoid injury. You'll find your choice of careers both personally and financially satisfying with entry level earning projections between 25 and 40K annually. You will truly be entering a life purpose career field where you can feel excited by the difference you make in the lives of people your touch.

It is easy to receive information, including financial aid facts, by scheduling a tour with the school.