International Bodywork School Located in North Bennington, Vermont

International Bodywork (IB) in North Bennington provides instruction from experienced holistic experts. Choosing which Vermont massage school to entrust with your training is a big decision.

The location is beautiful and peaceful, creating the perfect atmosphere to learning modalities of therapeutic massage. You even have the option to attend part of your training in Portugal if you wish. Located on Grandview Farm at 368 Lamb Road, you'll find a variety of programs from short workshops to advanced training and one is sure to fit your needs perfectly.

Recognized as unique massage therapy institute in Vermont, the options at IB cover an amazing spectrum of choices. From individual training sessions and short weekend programs to integrative therapy and transformational bodywork, you can mix and match the courses to fit the area on which you wish to focus your career.

Choosing IB from the massage therapist schools available can lead you to a wonderful career. The training your attend with a focus on the body, mind and spirit can be life changing as you learn more about yourself as well as the way your hands can be used to help others.

This Vermont massage school is perfect for anyone who is not yet convinced that therapeutic bodywork is the right career for them. By attending a short, affordable weekend program, you can experience what working in this alternative healthcare field will be like and you may well find this field will give you a direction in life that will be both personally satisfying and financially rewarding.

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Bodywork Practitioner Tip

massage tableIn your business you will be massaging many different body types. We all know that people come in an assortment of sizes. Be sure your table can handle all the various sizes: small, large, and extra large bodies. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a table that is sure to accommodate the various body weights you will encounter in your practice.

When choosing a table pay attention to how it is made. Ask yourself, if it is going to be sturdy enough for all body types and for extensive use. Also, some massage tables are wider than others, which is another excellent benefit to consider. Because your table is one of your primary tools, don't cut corners when purchasing a bodywork table. Adjustable height, strength, quality wood, reinforcement, high quality washable cover, extra width, and an adjustable face extension are some of the important components to consider when purchasing a professional massage table.