SeaCoast Career School in Sanford, Maine

Are you considering attending a southern Maine massage therapy school but unsure of which one is right for you?

Of the massage schools in Maine, you'll find SeaCoast Career School located at: 1 Eagle Dr
Sanford, ME 04073.

Here you will prepare in every way to excel when sitting for the national board exams and, afterward, when establishing yourself as a skilled therapist.

The beautiful landscaped campus on Eagle Drive provides easy access to your classes. You'll find the setting provides a sense of peace and beauty, conducive to your studies.

Upon graduation and completion of your national board exams, you'll have many new choices ahead of you. You could begin your own business by starting your own practice and see clients at times that work with your schedule. Or you could choose to work in one of the many established facilities that are seeking trained professionals to fill positions in their workplaces. These include hospitals, doctors' offices, wellness centers, spas, salons, hotels, and many, many more. In fact, did you know the demand for trained professionals is growing at a rapid pace? The U.S. Department of Labor statistics anticipate a shortage of therapists in the coming years which leads the way for job security.

If you live in Maine, and want to learn more about one of their best massage schools, simply request information through the school's online request form. Once you do the school will quickly reply and help to answer your many important questions.

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