Pioneer Pacific College - Health Career Institute - Wilsonville, Oregon

Choosing from the massage schools in Oregon is a very important decision. The many massage schools Oregon is proud to offer includes the Wilsonville Health Career Education Center also known as Pioneer Pacific College in Clackamas, providing premier massage therapy courses.

You'll experience both classroom theory and supervised, hands-on clinical training. You'll be fully prepared, upon graduation, to sit for the National Board exams and become licensed to own your own clinic or work in one of the exciting workplaces seeking professional therapists.

People are turning to this natural healthcare discipline to relieve pain, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, improve healing, flexibility and mobility as well as provide a great sense of overall well-being. Every day, you'll know that you make a positive difference in the lives of your clients. You'll also enjoy both personal and financial satisfaction that few careers offer. You will also be able to grow with your profession as you continue to build on your skills. This is truly a life purpose career choice that can grow with you.

To learn more about the career opportunity and massage classes available in Oregon at Pioneer Pacific College, simply enter your information and a school representative will provide you with all the details to answer your important questions.

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