Pinnacle Career Institute - Lawrence, Kansas

Choosing the right school from the massage schools in Kansas could be one of the most important decisions of your life.

You'll want to find a Kansas massage training institution that provides a balance of classroom and hands-on education.

You'll be happy to learn about Pinnacle Career Institute in Lawrence where the required courses for massage therapy will prepare you in every way to become successful in this growing natural healthcare field.

At Pinnacle Career Institute, you'll learn through classroom work the theory required. You'll hone your skills through hands-on supervised clinical practice in the school's clinic which is open to the public. Nothing can prepare you for your career like actual experience with real clients. You'll learn to help people feel better, experience less pain, enjoy faster healing, greater mobility and flexibility and many other health benefits.

Upon graduation, you'll find many exciting workplaces in search of your services. Hospitals, doctor's offices, cruise ships, resorts, spas, hotels and many others will seek your services; you'll also be qualified to open your own practice.

If this sounds like the career for you, you can obtain complimentary, no-obligation information. It's easy to get all your questions answered by clicking the following link and entering your information. A school rep will promptly respond with all the details. You can even schedule a tour, and the campus is located at: Pinnacle Career Institute, 1601 W. 23rd Street, Suite 200, Lawrence, KS 66046.

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