Everest College - South Campus - Aurora, Colorado

Attending a Colorado massage therapy school can allow you entry into an exciting, lucrative profession

But choosing just the right school from the Colorado massage schools can be a difficult and a confusing task. One of the massage colleges in Colorado you will be happy to learn about is Everest's College – South Campus in Aurora.

Located at 14280 East Jewel Avenue, Suite 100, this school is easy to access from Interstate 25.

During your training, you will learn to use your sense of touch and manual dexterity as well as the knowledge gained in the classroom to assist your clients by applying therapeutic techniques to relieve pain, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and promote other beneficial health results. Upon graduation and completion of the national board exams, you can choose to open your own clinic or work in one of many exciting workplace such as hospitals, spas, salons, resorts, hotels, wellness centers and many others.

There is a surge in the demand for qualified bodywork professionals and the growth is expected to continue through the next ten years. You can position yourself in this growing industry and find fulfillment in a career that can grow with you through the years.

You can easily learn more about the curriculum at this great massage college, by contacting and requesting complimentary information to receive answers to all your important questions. Just click the provided link and enter your information.

NOTE: This Everest School Campus is not currently offering massage.
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Massage School Training Tips: Pre-Session Discussion

When a new client arrives at your massage business for a session, take a few minutes to greet them and show them around the clinic, including restrooms and dressing rooms. Explain to the client exactly what to expect such as what clothing to remove, how you will drape them, how long the massage will last, the types of oils you plan to use. Ask for your new client's input about specifics such as whether they prefer relaxing music or silence during their therapeutic treatment, if they want candles lighted or simply dim ambient light. Providing massage clients with what they want helps ensure repeat appointments.