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Everest College in Merrillville, Indiana

A well-known Indiana massage therapy school located in Merrillville is Everest College.

You can find the campus located at: 8585 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410

This massage school in Indiana offers a balanced education using classroom and clinical experiences that will prepare you in every way to become successful in this growing field.

Of course you want to attend one of the accredited massage schools in the state so take time to learn more about Indiana's Everest College, which is fully accredited and offers students a well round program.

Upon graduation, you'll find yourself highly sought-after by many employers such as hospitals, gyms, spas, resorts, hotels, cruise lines and more. You'll also be fully qualified to open your own practice, if you choose. This career choice will provide you satisfaction, both personal and financial. You'll make a very real difference in the lives of your clients and feel good about your days work.

To help you get your questions answered, you'll want to obtain complimentary, no-obligation information directly from a school representative. To do so, just contact the school and receive answers to your important questions. This is easy to do by entering in your information by visiting the link below. You can also ask to schedule a tour so you can visit the campus and learn more about the classroom sizes, environment, and the staff and teachers.

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